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I had flirtations with other contenders, and backed out from buying it once, but in the end, there wasn't anything else quite like it.

Thanks to an alert from eileen, I found this beauty at a price within my budget, second-hand of course. Size-wise, it definitely not for work bag, so I won't claim this is worth it because I'm going to get tonnes of use out of it. What I do love is that I'm just a little closer to the myth of Coco Chanel, and I love that it's a good example of enduring design, and I love the note of polish it strikes against my resolutely casual style.

Despite that I've heard way too much about its deteriorating/ho-hum quality even as prices have become astronomical, I think it's not a bad buy if you can find a second-hand one at a decent price. For example, in the case of the "reissue", re-introduced in 2005, it's better to buy ones made before 2007, for better quality, I've been told. If you persevere like Le Portillon, you may even find an original 2.55 from the 1960s, when Coco Chanel herself still reigned at the house. Alas, I had no such luck. It was hard enough to find a reissue in a classic colour to begin with.

I thought long and hard about buying this - I don't usually spend so much on any one item of clothing. It's been a relief so far in that it's slipped quite seamlessly into my life, whether I'm in shorts and loafers for Saturday brunches or cleaned up for a dinner in a nice restaurant. The instant I pictured buying it I immediately saw myself in all kinds of scenarios and outfits carrying the bag and I have a feeling this is the sort of bag that kills my desire to buy other similar bags - much like how with the current 3 large day bags I rotate between, I haven't seriously wanted a new day bag in a long time.

Time will tell if this splurge pays off, and in the meantime I shall revel in the giddy joy that comes with bringing home something you feel is quite perfect.


Amanda said…
Congrats! The second hand vintage ones are SO MUCH better in quality than the plasticky ones they have these days.
Anonymous said…
Ah...I have been waiting for this all week! The leather looks divine and nicely distressed. What a great price considering ebay's starting bids these days!

May you have many wonderful memories with her.

ps. i am saving up for a SC in cobalt blue. Its so ex in Singapore!
Ammu said…
Congratulations - it sounds like love :)
Anonymous said…
congratulations!! I really love your picture of it. Do you know what year its from?
What made you choose it over the Celine box bag?
miss sophie said…
congrats!! what a beauty. isn't it such a great feeling to get a long-awaited jewel?
and your worth it :)
lin said…
Amanda: Mine is not even that old, but I find the quality satisfactory - time will how well it stands up to wear and tear!

justeileen: Thanks, to good times!

The SC bag is so gorgeous to the touch, the leather feels so unique. I agree, so expensive! You'll have plenty of time to consider whether it's worth it while putting aside money for it!

Ammu: Isn't it funny how things can make one so happy?

Anon: It's from 2008, not that old.

The Celine feels more luxurious actually, but I'm really not fond of the two-compartment interior, my things don't fit well in it. I've also always had a weakness for for this Chanel because it looks timeless and iconic. I also find the Chanel to be more versatile - I couldn't picture the Celine with some of my outfits but the Chanel was easy to imagine.

miss sophie: It is! I wasn't keen on a new one and didn't think I was ever going to find a well-priced second-hand one, but this one appeared when I least expected it.

Pret a Porter P: Thank you :)
S said…
wow, patience sure does pay off! it's pretty darn difficult to find a second hand reissue in a classic color, like you said, so this is a major score! and you wear it well, in that completely nonchalant way. a splurge that i think you can feel good about :)
lin said…
S: If my eye still wanders after this one, I'm definitely being greedy. The first week or so after a new purchase is always a bit of a "hold my breath" moment - because I don't know if love turns into regret. Happy to have gotten through without any such pangs so far!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! The reissue is on my "some day" list - perhaps it will be for my next milestone birthday. I just love the classic design that can be dressed up or down and perfect for occasions when a big day bag is not appropriate. I love how elegant and understated it is without the double C's.

Every time I think that maybe I should just buy a similar-looking Marc Jacobs or any other designer, I ask myself whether that will satisfy my longing for the Chanel, and the answer is always No. So, I hold out and wait until I can some day buy the real deal. Well done! Enjoy wearing it! Helen
Madelene said…
I think you will get use for it. I still love my bag.
lin said…
Helen: I think the double Cs have their own air of glamour, but I agree, I prefer understatement, for myself anyway. I find the prices in the boutique a bit ridiculous now and they're raising it twice a year! I recommend you buy a second-hand one from a reputable dealer - makes more economical sense to me.

Madelene: Yes, it's one to treasure!
Lapin de Lune said…
You will not suffer pangs of regret, i assure you!
Lindsay K said…
Congratulations! I always thought that you loved this bag- it never seemed like anything else compared.
Eva said…
"What I do love is that I'm just a little closer to the myth of Coco Chanel"

This is exactly what I feel about owning Chanel. It's all about the enigma of Coco. I too have recently purchased a Chanel piece I'd been saving up for for months (my first Chanel). Second-hand, of course. I love this post because our situations are so similar, only you describe it much better (I haven't even tried because I am still so giddy!)

P.S. The splurge will definitely pay off. Can't go wrong with this bag.
lin said…
Lapin de lune: Will take your word for it!

Lindsay K: I have. In the end, it still stands for the birth of a modern handbag and I love that.

Eva: I was quite amazed how many people source their Chanel second-hand when I first started researching, and it was great to have so much advice and tips available online about how to do so! Coco Chanel is someone I'm quite fascinated with, even though her supposed anti-Semitism (according to some biographers) makes my skin crawl a little.
ah! I love vintage. thats a cute story that you wanted it for so long and finally got it. I can think of many things that I've wanted awhile to buy, but as a student my budget is a bit lower and would never include a Chanel! hoping for some repetto oxfords for my next purchase :)

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