tempting me...


  • Slipper-like loafers from Massimo Dutti. Soft as butter when I tried them on, not too dandy, and and a nice break from my driving shoes. But so unnecessary.
  • Pajama shirts. Must. Have. Piping. The relaxed fit, the unstructured collar. And they come in the most adorable combinations (this Steven Alan one is dots + contrast piping!). And who should make me fall in love with this look? Ryan Gosling, of all people. But again, so unnecessary.
  • Brooks Brothers Black Fleece club-collared shirt. Love the collar, obviously. But...you get the idea.
Relaxed tailoring, a little twist on favourites - the very things I have a weakness for. Argh.

Also, more shopping news - COS launched an online store. So I can see in advance what I can buy in Europe.

But perhaps it will do to be moderate in spending so that I can have some extra cash to buy one of Phillip Lim's beautiful "kite" tops when his spring collection comes out next year. I liked it so much I checked it out on Moda Operandi, but it wasn't available...

Pictures from massimo dutti, brooks brothers, barneys


miss sophie said…
i love steven alan pjs - in fact i made sure to pack a set. something about the details of collars that gets me! the Shanghainese have made an art out of wearing pjs out during the day.
Joy said…
All such great items, even if I er, am not so in love with BB anymore. I am starting to fall in love with old fashion pj tops too! I think they look great when paired with something other than pj bottoms of course when worn in public.
Why must COS also launch an online store? Killer blow to the wallet on top of Zara already. When H&M goes online I don't know what I will do with myself anymore.
Milly said…
I absolutely love those pjs.SO excited about COS being online!x

MarĂ­a said…
I love Ryan Gosling. He's a true gentleman and his style feels modern at the same time.
Fleurette said…
Lovely picks. When are you coming to europe and where are you traveling?
lin said…
miss sophie: Oooh, hope you manage to steal a picture or two of them doing so. I have noticed in HK and SHA that some women really know how to wear layers of loose, billowing clothing artfully.

Joy: I saw your post! Meant to comment but slipped my mind. It was so bad on so many layers. I never shop at BB actually, haha.

Milly: Luckily for me the COS online store ships in Europe only. So the temptation will only remain a temptation unless I travel there.

Maria: I can;t believe this is the same guy that was "Young Hercules", haha. But I admit, he's becoming really interesting as an actor. And a really snappy dresser.

Fleurette: End Oct. We're headed to London, Brussels and Paris.

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