What I bought from 9 January to 9 June:
1) Beige patent flats with buckle detail.
2) Brown leather driving shoes.
3) Blush knit top with dolman sleeves.
4) Navy silk draped dress (sale!)

What I bought in roughly the same time last year*:
1) Bronze polished leather tote.
2) Navy jersey dress.
3) White cotton long-sleeve tee.
4) Beige skirt.
5) Blush leather oxfords.
6) Beige moccasions.
7) Cream patent jazz shoes x2.
8) White knit shrug.
9) White and brown striped cardigan.
10) Black cotton dress.
11) Faded loose-fit jeans.
12) Black and white printed silk kimono dress.
13) Black silk crepe shirtdress.
14) Black shawl-neck cardigan.
15) Teal canvas ballet flats.

* - that I remember. Hah.

Note - both time periods don't cover the sale seasons.

I think it goes without saying the ban has made a great deal of difference to my spending. I'm not 100% pleased since the idea was to not buy ANYTHING and I feel like I failed to keep my own word. But then four items over six months is a HUGE improvement from last year. The fashion itch, I have learnt, has to be scratched sometimes.

In the end, the ban became a mental filter I had to think through before I started walking to the cash register.

I liked how much I enjoyed what clothes I do already own, and I also enjoyed the feeling of money being put to better use, eg SAVED. So that I can consider throwing it after a YSL clutch.

The real test is when the sales start. (Zara starts tomorrow! Massimo Dutti has a haul waiting for me!)

I do expect to spend on stuff I want but know I can save money by waiting for the sales.

And then there's the stuff that will suddenly look incredibly covetable with reduced prices - a yawning trap just waiting for any sign of a weakening will. Oh well, July is my birthday month yes? I shouldn't be so hard on myself.


Very disciplined. Also I'd pat you on the back for the awesome trips you were able to take this year. The textured driving shoes I especially like, but the flats are very very cute too.

I'm looking forward to the zara sale too. I usually wait until towards the end of the sale, but this time I may try to go early since I'm especially looking for work trousers.
Ammu said…
Well done - there's a lot to be said for delayed gratification. And considered buys are so much more satisfying than impulse buys. Enjoy the sales! I have picked up a few things from Net-a-porter that I have been coveting for a while. And a gorgeous Belen Echandia bag at half price.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I need a pair of trousers too, just think I need to get out of wearing black ones...hope we both get lucky!

Ammu: I browsed Net a Porter too, thought very hard about a few things, including a YSL clutch, but decided I could live without them. I hope you're enjoying your new purchases
Ammu said…
Good for you - I think that way too - I picked up a tee from Bassike, a Steven Alan dress and a pair of Converse in the NaP sale - all very useful. And I have been carrying my new bag nonstop. If I can't see myself using something often, I would rather not own it.

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