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I always feel redundant posting about runway collections, but dammit, I feel such a visceral physical reaction, such a thrill of excitement about Phoebe Philo's resort collection for Celine that I have to get it out.

The whole collection crystalises into solid form how I've been thinking I'd like to dress lately - clean shapes, but soft, neutrals punctuated by a odd dash of bold colour and print to keep things interesting. It's modern without the burden of being conceptual, and classic without being boring.
There are definitely covetable pieces (her coats are soooo good) that are out of reach of people in my tax bracket, but what I like about the collection is that it's more than selling clothes - it's defining a principle for dressing, a very specific style and aesthetic. I feel more than just "I want!" when I see her clothes; I feel inspired.

I feel like it is entirely possible to recreate some of these looks at a mass market price point. Obviously there will be discrepancies in fabric and make, and it will be missing all the gorgeous, heart-tugging details that set (good) designer clothing apart, but the DNA can be found if you look hard enough.
I've been feeling that way about all her collections so far, and I'm thankful Zara is choosing to ape her collections out of all the designers - the more literal intepretations are best left alone, but the overall vibe of the clothes currently in stores is exactly what I'm feeling.

Sidetrack: All these wide-leg trousers coming back, I better stock up on my narrow cuts. Lovely as they look, wide-legs are just not my thing, and they looks better with heels, which I never wear.
Sidetrack #2: On second thoughts, there is a bit of a lust moment going on here, since I absolutely covet those Classic bags. They are frighteningly expensive though.
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This looks really really good.

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