here we go round the mulberry bush

On our way to a party on Friday night, my friend and I stopped short when we caught sight of this -

The crappy iPhone camera has turned this orange, but it is actually a beautiful shade of beige, or as it is called this season, nude.

It's a fantastic update of a classic bag, and I have a weakness for this type of soft, crinkly patent leather - it's cushy, highly stain resistant, and I like the shine.

We stared. We had champagne and cheese waiting for us, but we were reluctant to move, (The shop was closed for the day, so we didn't go in for a closer look.)

I haven't visited the Mulberry website for a while, and hadn't realise that beyond the hype of the Alexa, they actually have lots of other yummy things to lust after.

Here's the actual bag, as in on the website. The colour is correct, but displayed in the shop, it looks less stiff, and, er, friendlier.

I found myself thinking the colour is exactly what I want for a clutch, and lo, it is available in clutch-form -

I've always liked the Bayswater clutch, but never found it in a colour I wanted. Maybe the tides have turned. Unfortunately, the shoulder strap for this bag is shorter than I'd prefer.

There's also a new style, the Neely -

I like that the strap that can be worn long, but it looks a bit like a Miu Miu bag. Something about it seems a bit "lady", and I always like Mulberry more for its sturdy vibe. But if I tuck in the straps, it could make a nice clutch.

And then there's the Lily, which I really like, except for the damned chain strap -

Again, it just seems a bit too "lady" and deriative of other brands. But it can also be used as a clutch and I adore the shape.

Looks like I should return to the Mulberry boutique soon. Just for a look.

Pictures from mulberry


enc said…
There's lots to love at Mulberry.

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