Magazine: Vogue UK
Photographer: Josh Olins
Model: Carmen Kass
Fashion editor: Kate Phelan
I bought British Vogue for the first time in months because of these images. I've been wary of dresses for a while because they seem so "done up" but I like the efficient, simple sinuosity of these pieces, and the non-theatrical hair and make-up.
I'm tired of editorials with too much attitude and gloss. Repetitive as the whole spread was (and some baaad text placement), there's an appealing confidence to the pictures. And isn't so pleasantly late-nineties to see the word "sheath" again?

I also bought the magazine because there's a lovely but brief profile of the very low-key Margaret Howell, because I wanted to know what the fuss about Laura Robson was (UK teen tennis sensation, not that interesting as it turned out) and because there was some rather good clothes in their shopping pages that I actually want.
Pictures from smile


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