spring in her step

With all the "Breathless" tributes going on now, I felt inspired by one of my favourite homages from a 1990 issue of US Vogue, shot by Ellen von Unwerth.

I don't like the look of a full skirt on me, so this is my best approximation of a spritely gamine working in the newspaper business. If such a thing exists in real life.

By the way, cute as a button Jean Seberg may be, the movie really depresses me.

Picture from here


Ammu said…
I found it really depressing too! You look lovely. Is that the YSL bag? It's gorgeous.
well done!
lin said…
Ammu: Thanks, and yes, that is the YSL bag. Very very handy for work, it fits a laptop if you use one.

Pret: Thank you!

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