my name is red

Photographer: Scott Schuman

The guy's outfit could be pretty cool for all I know, but it's the woman, with her perfect mix of bold and neutral and throwaway elegance I can't stop looking at.

Picture from the sartorialist


Anonymous said…
I love your blog...i feel like I have found a 'fashion' blogger that actually has a similar style to me...i really love what you are doing and I read every one of your posts cause I can really identify with them.
lin said…
Hi, thanks, really cool of you to say that.

Some of the bloggers whose blogs I read have style I find not only amazing, but I can actually identify with too. Check them out if you haven't already and hope you enjoy them!

Journal d'une afropeenne is one (she's on my reads list).

I also love Pret a Porter P's style (also on my reads list) even though I don't dress in a similar way,

This Spanish blogger has amazing style too, good mix of classic and trendy, which the Spanish do really well -

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