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I didn't think too much about it after this happened, but recently, I've been feeling I need a pair of non-black trousers in something neutral-y, specifically for work, but hopefully, something I'll like enough to carry into weekends too.

Black is good - it's super versatile, it hides dirt, it's flattering. But when all my trousers (all three of them) are black, it leaves me feeling limited on days where I want to feel a bit less sombre.

The trouble is, I don't seem to like any non-black trousers. The grey ones never quite come in a shade I care for, beige/camel/khaki is just not my thing, navy is basically black most of the time, khaki green is way too combat-y, and I'm just not built to sport white trousers becomingly.

And then, after I decided I can't do beige-y things, I find myself quite attracted to these by Stella McCartney for the pre-fall 2010 collection. I even like the way it's styled; it's more or less exactly how I would wear it.

It's appears to be just a bit pink on Naomi Watts here, which I find very appealing - softer, cozier, a nice switch-up from black.

Obviously I can't afford Stella McCartney trousers, so that throws me back to square one - I can't find any non-black trousers I like, in a price range I can afford.

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Seems like something zara would do eventually
Anonymous said…
i love the addition of the black belt and how it breaks up the pale colours, btw did you ever get that luella dress from la garconne?
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I sincerely hope so.

Anon: Nope I did not, it was no longer in stock. And neither have I had any luck in finding anything in a similar colour.

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