I love to watch tennis. So the month of June is a lovely one for Grand Slam fans because there is both the French Open (ended a few weeks back) and Wimbledon going on (started this week), where the stars come out to play. The spectators are the most chic at the French Open and the courts are beautiful, but I've always had a soft spot for Wimbledon, because of its charmingly traditional feel - the all-whites rule looks so nice and sharp against the lawns.

But the fashion bit has to stop somewhere, because we end up with get-ups like Maria Sharapova's above. I know, this is Ms Sharapova, wearer of pleated-shorts-and-waistcoat and leggings-and-ruffled tunics combos, so I should be used to it by now. Her military jacket was actually the least offensive of the trendy lot. I don't even want to show pictures of Roger Federer's tres sportif three-piece monogram "suit", or Serena William's mini-trench, or Jelena Jankovic's sheer babydoll top, because it's just too sad.

Minus all those unnecessary accoutrements, they all look pretty cool (except for Ms Jankovic, who looks better once she puts on her jacket). I mean, look at Ms Sharapova -

Very pretty, very tennis-y, totally what we want to see on the courts. Can you burn the jacket please? And burn Mr Federer's while you're at it.
Images from the guardian


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