I heart this top, which feels to me like a slouchy equivalent of a shirt for non-shirt wearers like me.

I feel like I should stock on more of them since they are reasonably priced and likely to be the sort of thing I will miss when the shop no longer sells them, but sometimes I wonder, why do I want more of something I already have?

The common response (and a fairly logical one) is that these things are staples and they're necessities outfits are built upon and the one item I already own will wear out.

But I don't just buy multiples of the same item, I buy lots of things that are similar but not identical by extending the same reasoning too - that they are ME and they will not last forever and shops will not always sell styles like this so I need to snap it up. Hence my plethora of white loose tops.

I thought about this as I assembled my favourite tops for my list. I shall elaborate on this train of thought when I do that post (and when I'm not blogging at work!).


I am very similar in a manner that I purchase just one item and when I feel like myself in it I buy not multiples, but tend to go for the same look/feel of that garment. It is as if they were made for me so I try to enjoy it up until the moment I collect and that is when things get I no longer get to wear them all and end up still having favorites. And yet the items look alike. Maybe I should instead consider purchasing multiples. Hmm..

On another note, I am excited for that favorite tops list.;)
fashionaddict said…

On that favourites list, photographing my things are a pain, haha. I have been lazy.

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