diy-ed and gone to heaven

Behold, the result of hard work by my mother, my younger sister, and me. They found the fabric on Sunday while stocking on necessities for the sewing machine, and chanced upon some very inspiring fabric. We took turns to run up a skirt on the machine, with much instruction from my mum. That was the easy part. Far more tedious was tracing the pattern and cutting and measuring the cloth.

It still needs a bit of work - hemming the bottom, sewing the waistband in place, but I am so proud of my debut participation in actual making an item of clothing. Doesn't hurt that it reminds me of an S$800 Agnés B. photo print skirt I've been eyeing.

Anyway, to thank my mum properly for being an awesome mum, we took Monday off to celebration her birthday with her, and below are some of the many yummy things we ate (because in my house, celebration = food) -

Not a bad way to start the week. Plus Wimbledon has kicked off and I have four days off this week to enjoy it uninterrupted. Awwwwwesome.


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