had to have it

I bought this because I had one of the moments where you just can't bear to leave something behind. I wasn't 100% certain that it worked on me, but I liked the way it looked, I liked the print, and all those folds were very appealing to me in how they swished about. I usually refuse to buy things I know I won't get much wear out of, but I made an exception this time.

The price definitely had something to do with it - I bought it at office clearance sale, and it was very reasonable for an unworn Paul and Joe dress, and it just seemed silly to pass it up. I would be happy just to see it hanging there, looking pretty.

It goes against the grain of my buying philosophy and I am just a tad ashamed for being competitive about shopping (buying something because you can't bear the thought of a good buy in someone else's hands). I had a similar moment at a sale a few weeks back, where I nearly cracked and bought a Neil Barrett wool and jacquard dress completely wrong for the weather, not to mention far too fancy for my life.

This dress is a far more sensible option, though perhaps still a bit fancy for most days. At the very least, I can give it away to my more glamorous older sister, who will have no problem rocking it just to go shopping.


Gorgeous! I am looking forward to seeing an outfit post in the future. It's such a beautiful dress that it would be a shame to just let it hang and not see the light of day.. Maybe lounging in it at home is a sweet idea.;)
mode.ulation said…
This dress is gorgeous!!! It is a really good buy =]
now why do you suppose you wouldn't be comfortable wearing it just to go shopping? the price was good, so it is not like wearing a nina ricci gown to buy groceries (though that would be okay too).
i am curious about this because i have things i guard instead of use, and ... i'm annoyed with myself about that. ;)
fashionaddict said…
m - hahaha so far i have only worn it at home when i tried it on, that's not far from loungewear status.

mode.ulation - thanks!

up and down town - it's silk-satin, a material i don't enjoy for day, which was actually the reason why i wasn't 100% sure about it. it's just one of those things i can't get over.

and "guard" is totally the word!

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