Shopping these days can feel mildly baffling, because it's that time of the year where the shops are filled with clothes for some glamorous summer party at an exotic tropical getaway you're not invited to. Surrounded by breezy embroidered peasant-style blouses, floral-print floor-length dresses in bright colours, crochet bikinis, vivid caftans, beaded sandals, floaty scarves, lots of gold and wood jewellery, I feel vaguely left behind all these festivities going on around me I slug it out at work.

I sort of felt the same way, but in a good way, looking at the Lanvin resort collection -

All those gorgeous film star-perfect cocktail hour dresses with no relevance in my life. But so beautiful! It conjures up intimate evening hours at some hotel lounge, sipping something expensive, and no one does anything difficult beyond coming up with sophisticated and flirtatious banter. Must be nice.
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