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I describe myself as a t-shirt and jeans person, and I mean it quite literally. I don't wha i would without t-shirts. While most people consider them just basics, in my mind I categorise them as "casual tees", "smart tees" etc.

These two whites are all-stars.

The first is a very sheer fine weave, and has a shorter, boxier shape, and looks more presentable for the office. The second was bought three years ago and is long and lean and has a edgier vibe when worn.

These three are identical, all bought at a Gap sale -

I bought them because I needed something I could bring on a trip to trash about in but they turned out to be more versatile than that, and while they're a bit too casual for the office, they're useful for laying. I especially love the striped one because it always puts me in a holiday mood. I could use another striped tee actually, something that's more nautical.

I didn't actually buy this one, it came as a rather unnecessary underpinning of a tunic. But it turned out to make a great t-shirt, in a jersey material that drapes nicely and it has chiffons trims which lend a bit of flair to the whole thing, without taking away from the "basic-ness"that makes a t-shirt a t-shirt.


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