I woke up this morning to a text from my sister which read simply: "ZARA SALE".

So I hopped on the bus to the Ngee Ann City store and started scanning for the jacket I had been stalking for about a month. I had been unwilling to pay full price for a jacket I knew would go on sale - there are always tonnes of jackets at Zara sales here - and there it was, one of two in my size. YESSSS. A lightweight cotton jacket I can actually wear.

That should have been the end of it, but then I saw these -

Still expensive, but I love them, dammit, and so comfortable. They followed me to the cashier.

And then I saw these -

Beautiful, a bargain, and the perfect replacement for a pair of sandals I broke last month.

Well, that's my shopping budget for the month. To make myself feel a bit more virtuous, I paid off my credit cars bill today too.


I love all your purchases!=) the zara jacket is especially nice.;) i am about to upload some purchases i made as well, but my photos are terrible.:S

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