no, no and definitely not

Is avoiding shops altogether the only way to avoid excessive buying? For the longest time I put off thinking about this because I like going to the shops and I didn't like the idea that I can't even look. But today, as I felt myself weaken in the presence of a jacket at Zara (so soft, so unstructured, so cool, fits so well), I could no longer deny that maybe I should avoid trouble for myself and my bank account by not looking at all.

I didn't buy the jacket - thrift being ever the watchword of my vocabulary - but I'm thinking about it, and I could have lived happily in ignorant bliss if I hadn't seen it at all. Hence it's something I could live without but seeing is giving me ideas. Damn. I know I should stop hitting the shops but perversely, part of me goes shopping to challenge myself to make reasonable and logical decisions and not buy anything.

I talked myself out of the jacket by convincing myself I was too poor to be shopping (always a good one) and I rarely wear jackets anyway, and if I bought nothing else for the month on my monthly shopping budget I could consider it. And sales were starting soon no? Bonus if I still wanted it and score it for less!

All very well-reasoned and I felt quite good when I walked out of the shop. If only I expended this kind of mental gymnastics on work and other aspects of my life as well.

Anyway, what I wore today. Have finally gotten out of wearing jeans, something I haven't done in weeks.


Avoiding shops altogether works for me, but I believe not on everyone as this may signal restriction which may eventually lead to rebellion of some sort or withdrawal. But then again, those results don't occur on everyone. As much as possible I dislike feelings of regret of not buying a certain piece of item when I have contemplated how perfect it is for my closet but having no money at the time I passed and now (at the time I finally have money to spend/invest) it's gone. Something to that effect. I suggest, whatever works for you? If I love something so bad, I try to make an occasion for it (as is the case of my coats and jackets and my living in a tropical country), although it's most of the time impractical. Sigh..
fashionaddict said…
I haven't the discipline to "make an occasion" as you do. The clotehs remain unworn and eventually given away.

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