would totally wear this outfit

But I don't think I could pull it off with the kind of flair she has. She looks perfectly at ease with the mix. I would feel contrived.

Photo from The Sartorialist


Anonymous said…
how can the 2 conflicting statements be true - you'd wear it, but you wouldn't feel natural in it. this is interesting. if you would wear it, then it appeals to you and is your style, no?
fashionaddict said…
Logically speaking, you are right, but I disagree with the part about it being my style because it appeals to me. Lots of different things appeal to me visually, but they don't necessary form part of my self-expression.

Perhaps I should have said 'I would totally WANT to wear this outfit'. I would, but I would feel uncomfortable with something obviously more eye-catching than my usual ensembles.

Or maybe I feel uncomfortable at the thought of duplicating every detail, when there are so many and they're obviously put together in a way that seems 'hers'.

At the same time, I refuse to change one element of this outfit because it has a harmony that appeals to me.

I could go on thinking about this all day. :)

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