towards 14/12/2008

It's finally here. I'm going away. My Vietnam trip. My longed for holiday.

I've taken at least five (short) holidays this year but who can say no to more? This is my first extended trip of the year (a mere 10 days), the first one I've bothered with a guidebook, with an actual list of things I'm keen to see. I CAN'T wait.

The beautiful image above is the Ports 1961 Spring 2007 campaign. Nothing like a train station to evoke travel in me. Planes don't make me feel the same way...maybe it's because I hate to fly (the dryness, the unnaturally-shaped seats, the more-often-crappy-than-yummy-food, the endlessly changing pressure in my ears, being only able to afford to fly in cramped conditions).

More of their campaign -

Images from fotodecadent


Anonymous said…
such romantic pictures, and all of a solo woman. interesting.
i envy you your trip.
have a wonderful and safe time.
(air travel is unpleasant, isn't it? my biggest gripe is the cabin air.)
Anonymous said…
These photos are beautiful, somewhat nostalgic almost...

Have a great holiday!
fashionaddict said…
up and down town - probably the reason why I'm so attracted to them.

and yes, it's probably the air, it's probably the source of all my pains.

unwise pedestrian - thanks, i'll definitely aim to make the most out of this trip!

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