chinese new year shopping notes

Went out with my younger sister and mum today to celebrate my sister's birthday, and did a bit of mostly window-shopping. I thought maybe I would look out for some stuff for Chinese New Year (Chinese people start Chinese New Year with new clothes), but nope, it wasn't that kind of day. The clothes were quite 'meh', but then it has been for a while.

The one thing I wanted (a pair of lovely, really cushy gold loafers from Zara) WASN'T AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE. It was available in my mum's size, and she BOUGHT THEM. I feel somewhat resentful of their presence in my house. It's smug and mocking somehow.

My mum, surveying my disinterest in the merch being hawked, said to me, "Well, there must be something you want."

Well, yes, I want this -

But my bank account winced. Maybe next year, when I make some progress up the career ladder (with presumably some improvement salary-wise).

But all was not lost on the shopping front. I did, to my surprise, find something in the trendy madness that is Topshop (I really hate the 80s'. Stop bringing 80s shit back).

I bought a grey jersey dress vaguely reminiscent of the
Zero Maria Cornejo diamond-shape dresses, sort of like this one -

Well, as reminiscent as a S$46 version is permitted to be. Anyway, it has "staple" written all over it. Woo hoo!

I'm still hoping to find that perfect grey scarf. (I was quite close to buying an ugly-but-in-the-right-material dress at Cotton On and rip it into a scarf. I just might.) Also, I need to hunt down those cushy gold loafers in my size. Thereafter, I will consider my New Year shopping quite complete.

Images of Mulberry bag from; image of Zero Maria Cornejo dress from


Anonymous said…
i cannot wait to see your dress!
fashionaddict said…
I can't wait to wear it too, can't wait for Chinese New Year!

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