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Obviously I'm one of those people who latch onto and dwell upon ideas endlessly, so erm, more travel stuff. This is a Marie Claire editorial I saw months and months ago on fotodecadent, and it appealed to me, because a) I love to travel; b) it's a solo girl traveller, a state of being I can identify with; c) the rich colours draw me in, like a visual adventure. (What I don't quite identify with is the girliness of the styling.)

I am too, wary of the way travel-themed editorials tend to be along the lines of 'pretty white model in exotic locations wearing designer garb', that they sometimes present cliches and stereotypes which can be offensive. This one, for instance, bears the unfortunate title of "Far East", a phrase as meaningless as they come. But it captures that mood of travelling, and I'm drawn in anyway.

Magazine: Marie Claire Italia March 2006
Photographer: Bharat Sikka
Model: Mona Johannsesson

Images from fotodecadent


Oh, I adore this edi editorial. Travel spreads are always so fantastic--exotic locales + fun clothes= my dream. :)
yanqin said…
Sounds like what you're doing now in Greece :)

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