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Amazing vacation planners we are, we decided to go to Vietnam at the time of year where the weather is the most inconsistent across the regions, not to mention unpredictable. Which makes packing (light) a bitch.

I had a lazy day all to myself so I amused myself by thinking about what I ought to bring for a trip that will involve sunny days Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), cool, possibly rainy days in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, and cold, possibly foggy days trekking in Sapa. All this should fit into a backpack and weigh less than 10 kg.

I came up with the grand total of two outfits. This is for cooler days -

This is for warmer days -

Both tops can be swapped for either outfit and one multi-purpose long cardigan will be my cover-up. I need just another two lightweight layer-able to tops and a scarf and this will settle my non-rugged aspect of the trip. If I have space I would throw in something nice, like my favourite knit dress.

The rugged aspect...well, out come a pair of track pants, a couple of T-shirts, a windbreaker. Plus one thermal thingie in case it gets really cold, but my experience is that I always get really warm once I start climbing anyway. LOTS of good socks. A pair of trainers considerably more sturdy than my Converses.

Shall refine this over the next few days.


Meg said…
Packing light is so difficult! I think you are off to a good start though.
fashionaddict said…
Haha, packing light is some kind of bizarre obsession with me. I find myself doing laundry doing longer trips because I packed too light.

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