get on your dancing shoes

If I had some great party/anywhere-with-dancing-involved to go to this outfit would do nicely. (Except for the scary shoes.) I wonder where I can get a nice pleated skirt like that. One that doesn't have the shape of a lampshade. One that isn't in plaid. Or made of wool.

Image from fotodecadent


enc said…
Is it time to DIY it?
That photo is perfection.

And I agree with ENC - DIY it!
fashionaddict said…
Whoa, is that a challenge? You're talking to a girl who congratulated herself after she finally sewed on the button that fell off her cardigan last year. Hemming and repairing small tears is as complex as my tailoring skills go.

Still, thanks for encouragement. I shall go Google "DIY pleat skirt"...

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