I like to look at a random range of things that inspire me over and over again, and pull them together. It's a very satisfying process and makes me feel glad somehow, to realise again that I love these things.

Images from; fotodecadent; oak nyc; adorevintage; nytimes; surfacetoair; colettexgap


Anonymous said…
i know exactly what you mean.
funny, i totally see you in these images, or rather i see your style that i've come to know through this blog, reflected in these images.

and separately, ack, pictures that make me want long hair again. i keep going back and forth, but i think i just envy when it looks so right on someone else.
fashionaddict said…
Haha I'm just realising how almost everyone in the picture has long hair, though actually, I'm not comfortable with long hair. But yes they look good. Maybe you should go for it...after all cutting it short only takes a little while :)
Anonymous said…
i am soooooooo not comfortable with long hair either. but i am always finding myself admiring it. a little over a year ago i had hair half-way down my back. i didn't appreciate it then, couldn't wait to chop it off. i think i'm doomed to repeat this cycle of grow, regret, chop, reconsider, grown, regret, chop, reconsider. how tiresome.

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