bliss-ed out

I went out with the intention of picking up a grey scarf I wanted, but found something better. (The scarf was nowhere to be found, strange).

I bought JEANS.

I'm the kind of person whereby if I have a good pair of jeans, I have an outfit. That's the very core of my sense of dress. Jeans are my default item of clothing, and I tend to shop around it - every top I buy is measured against what it looks like with a pair of jeans.

My jeans fall into two categories - the basic ones which are plain and dark, mean to go with everything. Category are jeans that are meant to be the focus - the ones in unusual washes, cuts, finishes, details. They are worn with a simple white tank or tee, and they are the star item of the outfit. I wear the latter category less often, but usually with more enthusiasm, denim-speaking.

These new ones from G-Star Raw (always good for interesting washes) fall into the second category, but just barely. The material is wonderfully soft but solid (the way I like jeans) and I like the way it's dark but faded. I also like the pockets.

The cut is skinny, and it fits me perfectly. They sit on a comfortable spot just above my hips, and doesn't 'gap' at the waistband when I sit down. The material has just enough give to not cut off my circulation when I sit down.

I haven't bought a pair of jeans I was so excited about in a while (the last pair was a repeat purchase to replace a basic pair). They're the most expensive thing I've bought myself all year, and it's the sort of thing I'd gladly give up other things for.

(Although if I find that grey scarf, I will buy it.)


editor said…
ah-HA, so jeans can be a staple. but not a skirt. isn't that interesting?!

these fit you quite well. nice pocket details.
a grey scarf sounds delicious, especially with these jeans - i kind of hope you find it, even if fiscally it's better that you don't. ;)
fashionaddict said…
Haha, like i said, a lot of it is in my head. Jeans are my staples because I say so.

(Yes, it is fiscally better if I don't find the scarf!)
enc said…
Those jeans are great on you. I can't remember the last time I saw you in any!

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