snatches of my weekend stream of thought

I've loved this Paolo Roversi shot for the longest time. Today seemed like a good day to put it up, I don't know why.

I caught 'Eastern Promises' last night on HBO, and what a movie. I hated 'A History of Violence', which is also by David Cronenberg and also stars the always wonderful Viggo Mortensen, but 'Eastern Promises' is SO good. It's chilling, suspenseful, brilliantly acted, with emotional pull, even though the plot is nothing new (straight out of a Hong Kong triad movie). Also Naomi Watts wore a very good black vaguely Victorian coat and a very good belted motocross jacket, and Viggo Mortensen's tattoos gave me a few ideas.

Paolo Roversi photo, from fotodecadent; 'Eastern Promises' picture from


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