internet shopping foray part III?

After successfully purchasing a dress and a skirt from the American Apparel website this year, I feel ready to venture into the world of online shopping for the third time, from American Apparel again, oddly enough. I think this Le Sac dress will bring me endless hours of fun, though I don't necessarily like all the styles shown on the website. But then I hesitate at spending US$38 on what is essentially pieces of cloth and two long strings. Am I being a sucker for something I can actually make myself if I wear less lazy? Should I just pay the premium for being lazy?

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enc said…
I guess I'd have to ask you if there's any chance you'd ever DIY this look. If not, and you love it, then pay the price. It won't kill you.
Betta said…
hey there,

Been a silent fan of your blog for awhile.

Great find!

But I vote for makin' it yourself :D

US$38 - urk.

My color picks would be: navy blue jersey with gold lame bands OR primrose yellow jersey with soft denim bands.

You could also make the bands thicker.


fashionaddict said…
enc - I rarely DIY, unless you count hemming stuff DIY-ing. A friend of mine bought the dress so I'm going to check it out to decide whether it's worth getting.

betta - Thanks! I like the idea of navy with gold bands. Shall see if I can psyche myself into doing this.

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