I passed G-Star Raw the other day and popped in for a look - their jeans always have nice washes and interesting finishings, though the styles don't always fit me right.

I tried on something in a wonderful wash that was a dark rinse, but it managed to look worn, and it had nice pocket details. BUT it was too short for me, and there wasn't a longer length. A 32 inch inseam is usually just nice, but not this time. Sizing mysteries.

And then I came home and saw these by Current/Elliott on -

I'm normally quite skeptical of all these new, faddish denim labels, especially these being the folks that made those ultra-trendy "boyfriend jeans", but Current/Elliott does have some pretty nice stuff, including some very cool denim jackets.

These were described as "slouchy skinny", a cut I have long desired, but never quite found (the one pair I located was ass-flattening). Too bad I have no clue where in Singapore stocks Current/Elliott, and I refuse to buy jeans without trying them on. So basically, my denim quest is a non-starter.

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enc said…
Too bad; I hope you find something soon!
fashionaddict said…
Thanks! I'm patient with the denim quests - it took me one and half years to find the right skinny jeans.

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