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Vogue Paris December 2008/January 2009 cover

Lovely. Why won't more mainstream titles try cover poses like this?

Image from the Fashion Spot


Michael said…
That's a very good point. We've seen the same shots and angles so many times, why not try something else?

Here's an image that stopped me in my tracks:

enc said…
I wish.

I think they want the cover models to be recognizable. Recognition = sales.

Just a theory.
Sal said…
Sigh. Gorgeous. Sexy, yet understated.
fashionaddict said…
michael - THAT'S an amazing shot

enc - Yes that's what a lot of people say...i guess since i rarely buy a magazine for the person on the cover, I will never understand. Plus if it were a personality I liked, I'd like to see him/her from an unexpected side.

sal - you summed it up!

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