heaven is a place on earth

Do You Read Me is a magazine shop in Berlin (absolutely one of the best cities in earth), and according to its owners, it aspires to be the Colette of magazines. Sounds promising. I'm a magazine nut (the kind that likes to discuss the type, layout and binding), I love fashion and design magazines, so this sounds like heaven on earth.

I'm loving the NYT The Moment blog post that recommended this place - it's about magazine shops and the writer has handily included his checklist of a good magazine shop (chairs, no shrink wrapping), as well as other magazine shops around the world. None of them are located where I live unfortunately. I know where to find some really good magazine suppliers in Singapore, but no, they don't come with Mark Kiessling interiors.

Image from The Moment


enc said…
I love discussing all the same things you like to . . . I was in the magazine-publishing business (production side) for 16 years. I could get lost in this place!
fashionaddict said…
maybe i've found the one business i'd like to start, a magazine shop. even more fun than a book store (too hard to fight with the big chains).

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