1920s. skirts.

The above two are the the '1920s' part of this post. Something about the lengths, and the straight waists.

This, plus the second picture above is the 'skirts' part of this post. They're worn the relaxed way I'd like to wear a skirt.

Images from facehunter and the sartorialist


Mikkle said…
such cute skirts! they are so big on the runway this season
enc said…
I love that look. It's comfortable, loose, and feminine.
I love the 1920s influence. But it works best on girls with less curves...I wish I could pull it off better.
fashionaddict said…
mikkle - yes they're great, quite refreshing from the short looks that have been so popular, though i don't think they've ever been truly out of style.

enc - you said it perfectly'

clothes horse - i know what you mean, i'm too broad to pull off these looks, it looks best on the slyph-like

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