I'm nowhere near the league of say, Susie from Stylebubble who expressed her love very passionately here, but I have a very very very soft spot for grey jersey, and this Longchamp tote is like an amalgamation of some of my loves: grey jersey (duh) and the Longchamp Pliage 1632, which is one of those things that are so well-designed it requires little updating or change. Until now, of course, when the Colette x Gap collaboration actually turned up something interesting.

Though since one of appealing things about the Longchamp is that it's made of a sturdy, durable, easy-to-clean fabric, rendering it in grey jersey might discount that somewhat. But it looks wonderful, kind of cozy and huggable.

Image from colettexgap.com


enc said…
It's beautiful, soft, squishy, etc. I love it. I see exactly what you mean.
Diana Coronado said…
Clear & basic !!

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