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Because we've officially entered a technical recession, and everyone is in kind of an antsy "okay how bad is it going to be this time" sort of mood, yammering on about shopping seems almost retro and out of touch, like harking back to this time last year where Singapore was hitting very cool economic growth and there were queues at Louis Vuitton.

But I'm lucky, for now: I don't have a family to support, no mortgages to worry about, no heavy debts to pay off - university loan aside. So this morning, I found myself popping into Topshop to check out the mid-season sales.

Digression: This is how I've always tried to view shopping, in good times or bad - you budget for indulgences, budget for necessities, budget for careless moments, and save the rest. Hence I LOVE sales, because they allow for indulgences, necessities and careless whims all at once, for a lower cost. I think my shopping habits suit lean times.

By not paying full price for some things, I have more money to pay more for other things, which might deserve the extra penny spent, if that makes any sense.
I don't think of sales as "last season". In fact, in this age of "fast fashion", it doesn't make sense to pay full price for a lot of things anymore.

(The thing is not to buy something just because the discount is ridiculously good. That's a sale trap I have to trash-talk myself out of all the time.)

Anyway, back to the actual shopping: I've been on the hunt for a pair of loose-fit denim shorts, something that is the opposite of Daisy Duke, and this morning and Topshop, I finally spied my prey -

Marked down from S$83 to S$49, with an additional 10% if I used a credit card from a specific bank, it was well-priced, because I refuse to pay more than S$50 for a pair of shorts. The pleated, sits-on-the-waist fit was more than satisfactory. All the right bells rang, and I moved in for the kill, and handed my card over at the cashier.


enc said…
You did very well with those shorts. They are great on you.
fashionaddict said…

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