shop til you drop

'“It’s kind of permitting consumers to have justification for their spending habits,” he said.

Mr. Barrett included “recessionista” as an up-and-coming catchphrase earlier this month on his Web site, “The idea is, because they are spending less or getting more value, it is still O.K. to shop,” he said in a recent phone interview. “It’s a very self-serving message.”'

-- Grant Barrett, a lexicographer who specializes in new words and slang, quoted in the New York Times in this article.

And that sums up basically how I feel about the concept of "recession chic" and unhealthy shopping habits. Surely having less money to shop doesn't mean buying cheaper stuff, but a) buying what you need and b) buying something of quality and value so that it isn't mere disposable fun?


enc said…
One would hope.

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