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I am but a mere bystander and spectator of American politics and probably not qualified to comment too much on it, but I couldn't feeling cheered (so much that I want to blog about it) by Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. It's a sign that he acknowledges mistakes in judgement he made in the past, that he isn't afraid to lool at a ghastly situation and say it like it is (John McCain's election campaign), whatever his party.

It's nice to know that voices like this can still rise above the rabble, and hopefully, be heard. I think regardless of whether we're talking about American presidential elections, or global warming, or third-world poverty, human rights and other pressing, soul-draining issues, his is the kind of attitude we could do with more of.

Read more of Mr Powell's words here, from the rather partisan NYT.

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enc said…
Now that he's spoken, let's hope people listen.

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