I'm starting to think that in spite of my allergy to heels, and the fact I would be unlikely to wear them anywhere, that a pair of black, heeled ankle boots would be a really, really kick-ass addition to my wardrobe. They give such a kick to any outfit. See how awesome Michelle Williams made an already awesome dress look with her punchy boots?

I've been loving the way they look for a while, but this is the tipping point when I suddenly find myself wanting a pair.

I need to exercise self-control. Knowing me, these are shoes I'll buy and love and then never wear.


enc said…
It's tough being on the brink of a big new move like this one. If you're contemplating something you've never done before, something sort of like a lifestyle change, it feels risky. Perhaps you could risk it with something inexpensive.

I'd love to see you in heels. Not that I'm egging you on, or anything! ;)

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