The family and I had a watch-or-diamond debate over brunch on Sunday (meaning, would you rather buy/receive a diamond or a watch). The answer easy for me. I know a diamond is likely to retain its value, but I have no use for a diamond until I need to sell it for money. Plus, a watch (or timepiece, as purists say) is an investment item too, if you pick a good piece. Practical, chic, and the potential to appreciate. Definitely a watch for me.

The Hermes double tour (above) is not likely to retain its value the way, say, a Rolex would, so I guess I'm totally betraying my value-will-appreciate argument, but it's beautiful. I first saw it in a magazine when I was 17, and I've remembered it ever since. Whenever I need a new watch, it's always at the back of my mind, though obviously as a student, I didn't have the US$2,400 or so to blow on a watch. It's not expensive by watch standards, and I see it as an attainable item, to reward myself with when I have the occasion to celebrate.

On the affordable end, my favourite watch is this one from Swatch -

It's classic, a design Swatch as continued to issue for many years, and it hasn't dated since I got my first one as a child. That's a hallmark of good design isn't it? It looks as fresh and modern today as it did when it was first made. Because it's less than S$100, it won't break your heart when it breaks down - it's not impossible to buy another one.

Apart from the fact that the Hermes one is likely to last longer, I place equal value in terms of love and covetable-ness on both.

And that's the end of my long, rambly post on watches.

Image of Hermes watch from redfingerprint.com; image of Swatch watch from swatch.com


enc said…
I've been in love with that Herm├Ęs watch for years. I really want one.

I had that old Swatch, and it worked well. I have no idea where it is now.

You have great taste in watches.

And that's the end of my long, rambly comment on your "long, rambly" post on watches. ;)
fashionaddict said…
My, what great taste you have too. :)

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