At a point or two or 3,000 during the past week, I would have loved to seek refuge and peace in a tree like this. And throw things at anyone who tries to disturb.

Anyway, this beautiful photograph is by Johanna Manke, and I've posted about this series of work before here.

Also, had no urge whatsoever to blog during the week, but I did snap one outfit - worn on Tuesday. The rest of the week was a blur, I don't remember much, though I did remember the look on my mum's face on one of the days: "You're wearing that?" She didn't say that though, she just said: "You look like hell."

Photo by Johanna Manke from


enc said…
Maybe your mom needed a day up in the tree, too.
Michael said…
I find it hard to believe you could ever "look like hell".
fashionaddict said…
enc: haha my mother is just very, very honest. all the days up in the tree wouldn't have stopped her from saying that.

michael: thanks, but you need to meet my mirror, he (she?) will disabuse you of that notion, if she (he?) could talk.

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