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One of the things I've been fishing around for is more images from Berlin Fashion Week, which was last month. As I often tell people, I love Berlin, and I was keen on seeing more of its fashion side. However, not being particularly adept at looking up stuff online, I couldn't seem to hit the right websites giving more information about the shows, the designers, and the pictures.

Thank goodness then, for Mary, of Pudri and StilinBerlin. Because happily, she did put up photos of Berlin Fashion Week, as well as some of the happenings, like the parties and what happened offstage. You can check them all out here.

And thanks to her, I got to know about Boessert/Schorn, whose collection (above) made my heart beat a little faster. They've been designing for a while, but nope, I haven't heard of them until now. The collection was great - they seem to have a knack for layering in details but keeping the look clean. Click on the image to get a clearer look.

Photos of
Boessert/Schorn collection from Pudri


Very cool! It can be difficult to find the fashion collections not shown at the "major fashion" cities.
As for my pictures and people starring: I don't take them in public. I mean, yes I am outside and it is a public space, but no one is around. If they had been I wouldn't have been able to pose falling down the stairs for I certainly would have flashed them!
designerman said…
thank you so much for your thoughtful, kind comment. enjoying your point of view as well.
enc said…
Cool things, and I like the colors.
fashionaddict said…
Clothes horse: Maybe you should be a location manager/scouter. Good settings are worth a lot of money, according to my producer friend.

Designer man: No problem, I love a read blog read anytime.

enc: do check out the collections at the link for Basso&Brooke. You might want to try the Vogue UK website too, it can be surprisingly comprehensive.

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