"This is a basics month," I announced to a friend when I returned from a lunchtime shopping jaunt (note to bosses - it was a very productive lunch appointment and I've got some good ideas I think we should develop).

"Do you have any other kind of month?" responded my friend, rather unnecessarily making fun of my inclination towards basics, I thought.

ANYWAY. This has been a rather good month for scoring the sort of everyday things I NEED to dress the way I like to dress and are so hard to come by. Today, I stopped by Massimo Dutti on the way back from my lunch, and while I was distracted by a good many number of things, I was delighted to spot this in the sale piles -

(I'm talking about the top.)

Super-soft, loose-fit lightweight knit t-shirts! The kind that I wear with everything from loosely over shorts to tucked into pencil skirts. For a mere S$16.90. I bought two whites, and was momentarily tempted by the mustard. But I wasn't feeling it.

(The other good stuff I got this month were a black cotton tank dress from Topshop - the kind that goes with everything and is perfect for layering stuff over - and a black long-ish knit cardigan with the perfect skinny sleeves and lovely Victorian-ish buttons on the cuffs.)

And this is what I wore today -

And by the way, after 48 years, Singapore's women's table tennis team has FINALLY broken our Olympic drought and scored a place in the women's team finals at the Beijing Olympics! We beat South Korea 3-2, and it was a terrifying, nail-biting trip all the way to match point, as shown by the tears of relief on team member Li Jiawei's face (picture below).

It's also a good time to remember Mr Tan Howe Liang, who won Singapore's first and, until now, only Olympic medal in 1960 in Rome, for weightlifting. Lonely no more, Mr Tan :)

As a child of immigrants to Singapore, I shouldn't be judging, but I can't help but think that it would be much more meaningful if it was a Singapore-born team instead of one assembled from our Foreign Sports Talent scheme. But why rain on their victory when our Singapore-born athletes aren't performing?

Picture of Singapore table tennis team from


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