still thinking about the sea

I love the sea. I've managed to take two seaside vacations this year so far, and I'm happy to announce that I'll be taking a third and a fourth in September, to work out those diving muscles. I need to make little pronouncements like this to keep me going, because otherwise I'll start getting urges to do very odd and violent things, like throw my office phone out of the window.

Since I started work, I only want to take seaside vacations where I spend a lot of time lying around and not doing very much. When I was a student I bounced energetically from India to Cambodia to Europe. Now all I want to do is float in the shallows of a flawless beach.

Anyway, I snapped the hilariously loud swimsuits above at a market in Taitung, Taiwan. I wished I got a less washed-out shot, but the proprietor of the shop was beginning to take offence at my impolite fascination.


enc said…
It's a brilliant shot, and I mean that in the classical sense.
k said…
Bless your heart! YOu sound stressed. The suits are pivoting, by the way :)
fashionaddict said…
thanks! nice to see you posting again, k. :)

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