Magazine: Vogue UK October 1993
Model: Nadja Auermann
Photographer: Paolo Roversi

I feel like these could be now, 1993, or older, or tomorrow. What is it about menswear inspired-tailoring that so constant and never dated? I'm not a fan of menswear for women, but the essence of it, the fact it's uniform is undisputed, I love that.

Also, a rare moment when Paolo Roversi's photography works for me. The person who posted these on
foto_decadent commented that his early work often consisted of just three or four images. What wonderful discipline for a fashion editorial. These days, I resent slipping through some 20 pages, and having none of them leave an impression on me.

Photos from foto_decadent


enc said…
Agreed, less is more. NA has such an ethereal, wonderfully washed-out look here. I love this short editorial.

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