the great monotony

Greatly amused and inspired by the fashionation girls' documentation of their shoe collections, I decided to clean out my shoe cupboard today, and also photograph them to see at one glance exactly my what shoe personality is like.

This is every single pair of shoes I own at the moment, including the ones I regretted buying and rarely wear (that would be the navy peep-toes on the top right corner, and the silver pointy ones somewhere in the middle).

And my shoe personality is indeed as monotonous as I thought it would be, though surprisingly, I have more dark-coloured shoes than I would have thought. They're all uniformly flat. They are usually free of embellishment, though from time to time I fall for a jewelled pair. I think ankle straps are hot, but I only own two pairs, because I hate to buckle.

With the exception of the fringed sandals, they are not designed to grab attention.

As for the sandals, all were acquired in this year. I don't usually build up a shoe collection that fast - some of the shoes were date back three years ago - so I must really like sandals to buy four pairs in eight months.

For a person who is not a shoe person, I think 24 pairs of shoes is a lot. It pales in comparison with my friends who own upwards of 50, but I was surprised how much space was needed to store them. But if it's any excuse, they are all in regular rotation.

This is a very amusing way to spend an afternoon recovering from a cold.


editor said…
i love this. omgd terrific. i love the perfect gradation of shades.
my shoes would be all over the map. i literally strive for this type of coherence.
enc said…
You know what you like, and you buy it. Even better, you WEAR what you buy. I love this post, it's my favorite all week.
fashionaddict said…
thanks guys!

editor: and having seen a perfectly small wardrobe, your sketches on up and downtown, coherence doesn't seem like something you lacking in :)

enc: it depresses me when i buy something and not wear it. it hangs there like a reproach. it also reminds me not to make future shopping mistakes.
editor said…
^^^i totally blogged last night about what you just said.

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