zaha hadid + melissa = cool

I was just going on about shoes, and flicking through the Vogue UK website, I chanced upon these. I usually hate melissas, that Brazilian range of eco-friendly plastic shoes. They give me blisters, and I'm always a little iffy about plastic shoes because your feet feel all clammy and I doubt they smell too good.

But these are beautiful. They're elegant, sculptural, and plastic is the perfect material for Zaha Hadid to be working her bold, flowing forms with. They wrap around the ankle a way that's making me weak-kneed.

Maybe I am more of a shoe person than I imagined.

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P.S - Susie of stylebubble is going on about the melissas by Alexandre Herchcovitch here. Those look pretty good too. Why am I not seeing them here?


enc said…
Pretty, but the plastic would throw me off, too.

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