layers in the heat

I love this vest, I want to wear it every day over every thing, but it's been very warm and sticky lately, and and the thought of wearing more than one layer a time sends a prickle of heat up the back of my neck. I just have to keep reminding myself that the office will greet me with cool, cool air-conditioning.


editor said…
yes, air-conditioner IS fashion's friend. i could not go an entire summer without a cardigan. i do love this vest too. the perfect "third" color for you.
Serg Riva said…
looks great.
you look so good in this outfit! and i love your blogg, i just found it!
fashionaddict said…
editor: the addition of a third colour to my wardrobe is indeed momentous, no irony intended :)

serg riva & i think thats hauttte: thanks!
enc said…
Stuff it into your bag in the morning, carry it with you to work, and slip it on in the A/C! It's worth toting it everywhere.

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