In lieu of actual Minnetonkas to satisfy my lust for fringed footwear, I bought two pairs of fringed sandals in that sandal heaven called Taiwan.

Gladiator sandals of any sort are big in Taiwan and Japan this summer - they're wearing it with floral tunics and tiny denim shorts, amazing how trends travel - and because they're so popular, there's a huge variety going on at very reasonable prices (mine were less than S$25 a pair). The plastic nonsense in Singapore doesn't even come close. In Taiwan they come in any colour (mustard, brick red, cobalt blue); any material (suede, patent, cracked leather, exotic skins); and any style (laced up, buckled, zipped knee high, ankle, studded, fringed, platform heel, wedges, flat). It was truly a lot of fun just looking.

These fringed ones thoroughly amuse me, especially the way they move when I walk. Definitely my funniest shoe buy of the year.


enc said…
I just love those! What a great marriage of fringe and gladiator!

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