sip and enjoy

This is a post to honour a) my friends - the photo above taken by The Sartorialist represents the affection I feel for you three, as well as how stylish you guys are, of course.

And b) coffee.

Those who know and love me - even those who don't love me - know that I am a coffee fiend of the very first order. And on a holiday to Italy last year - Florence to be precise - I discovered the Moka pot: a stove-top espresso machine.

Well, I fell madly for them - I like the old-school clunkiness and simplicity of use compared to the most espresso machines - and I tried to buy one, but I didn't fancy the funky Alessi ones and those were all I saw. Then we left Italy and it left my mind.

It, however, did not leave the minds of my lovely friends, and lo and behold, I got one for my birthday! Made by Bialetti (Alfonso Bialetti invented it in 1933), it looks like a cleaner, newer version of the one pictured above. A brand-new motivation for waking up in the morning.

Top photo from; photo of Moka pot from


enc said…
What a lovely birthday present.

fashionaddict said…
Thanks again!

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