dead to the world

Contrary to what it may seem, I have not gone off blogging. It's just that with typing in a computer a key feature of my work week, the idea of using the computer after I stagger home makes me nauseous. And because work has completely drained me of all ability to do anything but sit and stare into space, weekends are spent doing precisely that. No computers!

In any case, I have gotten over it and ventured into the world of blogging again. And although I sound like I have been miserable (reinforced by the photo above I suppose), the past two weeks have actually been fine (discounting the bone-aching exhaustion). Last week marked the passing of my 24th birthday, and it was an occasion marked by much alcohol being imbibed, a few truly marvellous meals (I can still taste the Alaskan crabs), many hugs being exchanged, an awful lot of chocolate cake, and a few well-chosen gifts that made my heart leap.

My favourite gift of all is this gorgeous cerulean blue tote from Longchamp - a gift from my lovely sisters. I love the Longchamp totes for the classic slouchy shape, the durability, and how a different colour makes all the difference in the vibe it gives off. This made me smile, and think of blue skies and seas and sunshine, cooled off with a beer.

Photo on top by R J Shaughnessy


enc said…
Happy belated birthday!

I'm glad you're back, and was wondering what had happened to you.

I love that bag, the Longchamp is a classic. You'll have it all your life.
fashionaddict said…
Thanks for the birthday well wishes, and thanks for being concerned too :)

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