the age issue

I dig Isabel Marant (that's where the above dress is from), just one of the many French "mid-range" designers doing perfect, simple things I can't afford (think Vanessa Bruno, A.P.C. etc).

Anyway there has to be something like a 20-year age difference between Geraldine Saglio (of French Vogue) and Julianne Moore (no introductions needed), so it's rather cool to see them rock the same dress so well (although to be fair, Ms Moore is not a normal 48-year-old).

It's always been a thing of mine to wonder whether I can wear that same thing when I'm 40 whenever I'm out shopping. So the idea that one simple tunic dress can be worn so well over a 20-year age span is my idea of heaven.

Photo of Ms Saglio from; photo of Ms Moore from


enc said…
You can wear whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable, and good about yourself, right?
Ida said…
Interesting. I never thought of my clothes that way. Until now *lol*

I actually like the belted version more. Street style rules, no?
fashionaddict said…
Street style rules indeed! :)

I agree one should wear whatever they want, but I see older women in something only a young girl should wear - something really short, for instance - and I can't help but wish they didn't. It's so hard not to judge, haha.

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