friday? already? how nice

Today -

The oatmeal knit vest one of my favourite finds from the Zara sale. There were actually a quite a few good things to be had, but I've already shopped a lot for July so I just stuck to the ones I figured I couldn't live without.

Yesterday -

Had to look smart-ish for a work lunch yesterday. This outfit, however, was not smart enough to impress my friend, who said, "My boss would kill me if I went for a lunch with clients like that." But then, her boss is the type who tells her to wear more makeup to looks more mature and groomed, and to buy a tailored jacket for meetings. I think I better stick to my line of work, where no one will look at my Casio calculator watch and smirk.


enc said…
You have the perfect job!

I love that vest, I could really use something like that. It's very cute on you.
Michael said…
Those are both very good looks.
Lolita said…
These are great cigerette pants!!!!
fashionaddict said…
thanks everyone :)
editor said…
the oatmeal vest, the oatmeal vest - this is a favorite outfit for me now, out of the many you've posted.

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